About Us


With an aim to build up its success records, Modern Medical Technology mission on hand is to be the best in serving the medical and health care industry, not only in EGYPT but also in the whole of the Middle East.

Ever since the Medical Division of Modern Medical Technology was initiated in the year 2010, the company has achieved an outstanding goal in getting an agreement with the most reputed multinational companies in the healthcare field in the world which are :

With a firm focus to provide service and quality rather than quantity or volume.

The company is up-to-date qualified and experienced Team, facilities, and efficient management system, earned the company a reliable reputation in the medical & health care industry in EGYPT. Modern Medical Technology deals in the supply and distribution of retail and wholesale of medical and health care equipment and products.

The company believes in furnishing services and providing the best and efficient customer services to their clients. To remain hand in hand with improving technology, the company constantly upgrades its services and products all the time. With an aim to pursue recognized safety and quality standards, Modern Medical Technology maintains a well-established quality control system that ensures all operations are monitored and controlled and conforms to specific environment conditions

The recipe of its success has been a desire to reach un-scaled heights of success and meet customer satisfaction. Modern Medical Technology falls nothing short of expectations in Egyptian market and customers can expect nothing less than excellence from the company.


Emergency Cases

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Emergency Cases

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The Workforce

Armed with qualified and exceptional personnel that makes up as the driving force of the company, Modern Medical Technology respects its staff members and encourages and supports their development. The employees are motivated to seize opportunities and participate in the company’s success and work together as a team.


Is to keep on succeeding in providing the best services to our clients all the time and expanding the product range while ensuring the provision of the same best quality, if not better.

The Company’s Work

Modern Medical Technology is in the field of supply and distribution of retail and wholesale of medical and health care equipment and products. These products are aimed to improve the well being of patients and enhance satisfaction of its customers. The company provides effective and safe medical equipment of high quality at reasonable prices.


Since customers are an integral part of the company’s success, our vision is to satisfy the client’s needs and requirements at all times and persevere to be one of the leading companies in our field not only EGYPT but also in the whole Middle East.

Supply Section

Modern Medical Technology Supply section deals in supplying the various products through its database of clients in the EGYPT. In addition, the company supplies to prospective clients in the market too.


Modern Medical Technology as a distributor partner knows that its clients need the right product at the right place at the right time always. This is why the distribution section tirelessly works day and night to serve and provide efficient, dependable and on-time distribution. The Distribution section is ably assisted with a team of people who understand your requirement and issues. These professionals are more than happy to discuss, collaborate with the customers on all aspects of business and customer support issues.


Modern Medical Technology believes that “Client Support” forms the main crux of its successful operations. And with this belief, the group has a dedicated Customer Service system infrastructure in place that provides total client support services.

Our Progress






Quality that comes with reliability…

It is true that customers consider a company reliable when its products or services are proved to be dependable. Modern Medical Technology offers products which are not only excellent in quality but are also very cost effective and competitive in nature.

Microbiology, Chemicals, Tissue Culture, Consumables products of high quality supplied by the company have found a place in Egyptian market for its performance. In addition, Modern Medical Technology has an established marketing and sales support infrastructure that provides comprehensive solutions to the clients at all time

Service that comes with confidence…

Modern Medical Technology service activities are especially designed to meet its customer’s specific needs and requirements

When you are dealing in the field of Medical and Health care supplies, there is a lot of responsibility to provide the best and genuine products, coupled with dedicated services. Modern Medical Technology meets this responsibility by offering unparalleled services through its Supply and Distribution sections.


To be one of the best companies in the region particularly in the eyes of our clients, Community, principals and employees. We expect and demand the best we have to offer by keeping always MMT values on top of mind through :

Integrity :

Modern Medical Technology is our true integrity. We are open, honest and Trustworthy in dealing with clients, suppliers, principals, employees and the Communities where we have the impact .

Clients :

We support our clients' success by creating exceptional value through innovative Products and services solutions through SPACE :

– Speed
– Planning
– Anticipation
– Communication
– Expectation management.

Accountability :

We are accountable – individual and teams – for our behaviors, actions and results before our clients.

Community :

We work in an inclusive environment that embraces change, new ideas, respect for the individual and equal opportunity for others to succeed.

Environment, Health and Safety :

We work safely in a manner that protects and promotes the health, safety and the environment through our policies and regulations

Excellence :

We relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do every day through implementing quality standards.

Last But Not Least :

We live our values and measure our success by the success and Satisfaction of Our clients, community, principals and employees