Automated Nucleic Acid Workstation - PANA9600S

Tian Long

Tianlong Automated Nucleic Acid Worksation PANA9600S is the latest generation of automated nucleic acid workstation , with rotary nucleic acid extraction technology, with the support by the National Special Fund for Major Scientific Instrument Development (No. 2012YQ030261).

The workstation integrates sample loading, nucleic acid extraction, PCR setup and many other functions in one, can achieve the automated operation of the whole process.

Equipped with high performance of the specific nucleic acid extraction kits, this instrument can extract the required nucleic acids from a wide range of samples such as whole blood, serum/plasma, swab solution, urine, etc. in a shorter time to ensure the specific downstream applications.


Automated Nucleic Acid Workstation - PANA9600S

Product Features

Reliable pollution control ensured by rotary nucleic acid extraction technology used with droplet capture, experimental partitioning, air filtration, UV disinfection and other measures.

Fast and high throughput: automated loading, nucleic acid extraction and PCR system setup for 96 samples within 70min.

Highly flexible and adaptable: can be applied with single-strip kits, 3- to 6-well extraction available to process various sample types; 4 PCR reaction systems can be set up simultaneously. 

Accurate and reliable: precise sample loading, accurate temperature control, provide stable and reliable test results with reagents and consumables independently developed by Tianlong.

User friendly design, automated operation:  pre-encapsulated extraction kits, and automated preparation of the PCR systems. Real whole-process automation with automatic dilution of proteinase K, and automatic sample retention of the original sample and the nucleic acid extracted, among other easy-to-use design.

Product Partners
Product Model
Authoritative Certifications:
Sample Throughput
Automatic scanning and identification of sample information + nucleic acid extraction + PCR setup
The principle of magnetic bead method, and the technology of rotational mixing
192 assays can be completed per run, with 4 different systems of PCR-setup simultaneously.
Specimen Types
Samples of plasma, serum, whole blood, swab solution, and urine, etc.
Sample Loading Channels
Pipetting Performance
15-50μL: accuracy: A≤1.5%, repetitive CV≤1.5%; 50μL and above: accuracy: A≤1.0%, repetitive CV≤1.2%;
Liquid Level Detection
Capacitive-sensing level detection; pressure-sensing level detection
Sample Tube Specifications
Compatible with a wide range of sample collection tubes, 1.5mL and 2.0mL centrifuge tubes, cryopreservation tubes and sample cups.
Extraction Temperature Control Module
2 steps: pyrolysis & elution, with temperature control from 35 to 120 °C.
Visual Inspection Technology
Real-time inventory status monitoring of consumables and reagents
PCR Reagent Chamber
Light-proofing design; automatic cooling on start-up (4 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ refrigerator)
PCR Supplies/Consumables
Compatible with 0.1mL and 0.2mL 8-tube strips, and 96-well plates;
Contamination Control Design

(1) Separate, enclosed nucleic acid extraction space, with directional top ventilation to create an internal negative pressure system;
(2) Sample loading device equipped with airtight, drip-proof design.
(3) External droplet capture tray;
(4) UV light sterilization units for the experimental and extraction cabinets;
(5) Customized function: bottom ventilation of the nucleic acid extraction area available by special ventilation circuit design.

Information technology

(1) Multiple sample barcodes are scanned one by one during sample rack loading.

(2) Identification of the extraction kit barcode, and automatic parsing of the extraction program information.

(3) Identification of PCR kit component barcode, and automatic parsing of amplification program information.

(4) Automatic parsing of PCR information and LIS connection, based on nucleic acid extraction data.

Embedded 12-inch touch screen; multi-module real-time status light
Size and Weight
1370mm x 810mm x 890mm (W*D*H), 220 kg
AC 220± 20 V, 50/60 Hz.


What is the difference between Gentier96 and Gentier48 ?
1.1 Sample throughout difference: Gentier96 can process maximum 96 samples per run, Gentier48 can process maximum 48 samples per run; 1.2 Fluorescence channel difference: Gentier96 E/R has 6/4 fluorescence channels separately, Gentier48 E/R has 4/2 fluorescence channels; 1.3 Light source location difference : The light source of Gentier96 is on the top,

ISO 13485 Certification

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